Saturday, March 23, 2013

Outdoor color schemes and styles

Replacing outdoor cushions can be a costly decision, especially if you don't want to buy new ones every year. Picking the right color (if your like me and change with the wind all the time) is a whole other ball game!

Last summer we decided to do with the Ballard Designs bright green sunbrella. We purchased. Great patio dining set and side chairs in a brown iron over 7 years ago that still look amazing! But the worn out brown striped cushions needed to GO! Ballard designs made all the green and white look so appealing that 326$ later...I still am on the fence! No turning back now, waaay past my return time, so now I'm picking pillows and a rug.

The Preppy Lime Green Look

                                                                    The Modern Lime Green Look

                                                                The Cottage Look with touches of green

Modern from Etsy

Traditional Black and White Ballard Designs

Transitional from Amazon

What outdoor color and style options are you going for this year? Do you change with the wind or are you pretty set in your ways? Never hurts to mix it up a bit from year to year. After all, there are outdoor fabrics from the super cheap to the outrageous, Sunbrella being in between. But all of those need to be replaced every few years!

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  1. Love all your pretty inspiration! I have black and white stripe cushions, but like to mix it up with new pillows every year. I bought some bright green Costco (Riad pattern) this year, haven't even put them out yet, but I'm already questioning if I should get a different color! :)