Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dark floors, light walls

Whoa have I been busy! With so much going,  2 design projects and my own house in total disarray my blog has taken a back seat. Well friends I'm sharing some updates! 

A while back I showed how taking the carpet off the stairs was going to not only save money but really make a huge impact on our house. Beware this project is NOT for the cleaning fanatic or impatient type (me). There has been dust everywhere, smells, sore arms,bengay and heating pads involved in this project! 

Somehow I missed reading that line in all the blogs I read prior to this. But we are getting to the home stretch. My floors are done! Gorgeous Rustoleum Kona! 

The pine treads stained beautifully dispute the argument. With the floor company and even the landing on my front set of stairs look amazing with just the 1st coat of poly.

So now it's time for the walls. Going with the whole pale Greige craze will look amazing the buttery cream we have now is not bad but it's time to update the kitchen paint so might as well make it even all around. The whole open concept really forces to pick a neutral color and Benjamin Moore's Edgecomb Gray (middle)is the ticket! Although Revere Pewter(bottom) is the top choice these days it's just too purple looking in my walls. It's amazing how paint changes in every light. The top color was my mix of Edgecomb mixed with  25% white, but not enough depth for me!

So light it is. Ill keep you posted on that reveal and pics to come soon from an amazing master and powder bath make over!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Feeling like Florida

After weeks of whining and complaining about how cold it is (yes I think 60 feels cold!) here in Virginia, the weather man has kicked it up a notch! 91 for the past 3 days!! Problem is that just last week it was 55, can a girl get a little in between here?!?

With the humidity, and just after finishing up a sun room for a client, I am so ready for our annual Florida vacation. We've been going to the quiet but gorgeous golf of Mexico beaches in Sarasota, FL for about 10 years now. Just recently in the past few years the near by public beach of Siesta Key, FL has been #1 beach in America and people are flocking to the gorgeous white sand beach.

Not only are the beaches gorgeous but I love Florida architecture. There is such a mix of modern and Mediterranean there that I get he best of both worlds!  Can't wait for our trip.

 I'm not kidding you, this is not a tropical island is Florida!

Clean and Modern

Mediterranean Beauty

 The Streets are filled with statues in famous St.Armands Circle

The courtyard of the Ringling Museum of Art