Saturday, December 21, 2013

Holiday decor

There's so many blogs out there to begin with and then so many Christmas Decor ideas! What's a girl to do ?? My brain is hurting I could do every room and something different I like it all! But after all I've got little kids and the decorating of Christmas  is fun for them too ,with Popsicle reindeer ornaments and dog friendly spaces! 

With that I wanted to share a couple of my grown-up spots. Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!

My simple yet classic table and a few sparkly snowflakes dress up the chandelier

I had to bling up the reindeer !!

Simple decorating with words! 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Chinossoire Chic

In my area of Northern Virginia I am constantly meeting new familes from all branches of the military. I have learned to embrace making friends then letting them go! How lucky are they that they get to live in a different house every 3 years or so. Then again, whoa, they have to live in a new house every 3 years!! (Omg) 

I recently met a lady who has tons of ancient asain pieces and although she is great fly of her pieces she is really modern at heart! So I put together a plan for her to incorporate her pieces and throw in some modern touches. Hence the term Chinossoire Chic!

By mixing in a modern sofa, lamps and tables. A touch of glamour with gold pillows and traditional Ikat and Greek key and  We 're able to mix the best of both worlds! Can't wait to see the finished room!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Vibrant Fun with Chalk Paint

So I've been pinning away for months about Annie Sloan Chalk paint. Although I am not the shabby chic type I enjoy all styles. I knew I would find a way to use it at some point. 

I am working on new project and my client was ready to toss this beautiful Baker side table. We are using caring shades if cream, teal, and green in the room. So I thought painting would be perfect. 

Florence is a beautiful shade of teal and was just right! I did have to play around with it but then once I got the hang of it. It covered like a charm and dried super fast!! 

             My little assistant Sophie

Now I just need to add the coat of clear wax and viola! 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Whoa busy, but so productive! Client dining room sneak peak...

First things first I have to apologize, it has been a long time since I've posted. But being a very busy mom during the summer...well that pretty much says it all. However I have actually just finished up a gorgeous dining room. 

This couple have been such a pleasure by far to work with. They were willing to a little outside of their comfort zone. (And you should have seen the look on their face when I told them they needed 2 chandeliers). The rest of their house they have done very well but were just stumped when it came to the dining room. They had already purchased the Restoration Hardware monastery table and ordered all matching grey velvet chairs including arm chairs for the ends. I am definitely a fan of different head chairs. 

So we were off and running. My client and I were searching Craigslist for days for just the right arm chairs that I could customize from my great upholsterer. So he found some (from another designer...still need to send her the redo). I found a really cool modern fabric in teal and navy diamond pattern that we could tie in with the gray velvet. It worked perfectly! 

I then had to convince the homeowner to move his audio control system so we could add some drama to that main wall. Luckily it went off with out a hitch and I found these beautiful sconces. And how can you not pick your jaw up off the floor with those TWO gorgeous chandeliers! They were way out of their comfort zone but now wouldn't change a thing. I'm so glad they trusted me!

To top it off we added shadow box moulding to all the  upper walls and a beautiful Modern Masters Metallic  paint on the ceiling. It's such a deceptive color it changes with the day!  And the wife wanted COLOR, so I threw in these gorgeous Peacock blue stationary panels. I can not say enough how much fun this project was! Pro pix coming soon, these don't do justice!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Client Reveal...two small bathrooms, one small budget

One thing that most of my clients like about me is that they know I can be quite frugal and resourceful! This project needed a lot of that. This project had an original budget of $5000...not bad you say but that was for 2!! She also wanted a full gut job with new cabinets, granite, lights, tile, get my drift.

Well it was definitely one of the toughest jobs I've done but managed to pull it off (yes I went over budget). We did have to increase the budget and the client was able to get good quality materials that will last another 20 years!

This was the Master Bath Vanity area notice the total lack of storage. Client specifically wanted drawers and full storage.

And the standard builder grade cream 4x4 tiles

Master Vanity After She wanted a very clean streamlined slightly modern look. I tripled her storage with this semi custom cabinet vanity from Home Depot. Replaced the light fixture with this $290 knock off of a George Kovac light for only $59. Kept the existing towel rod. Replaced the 1980's mirror wall with a more appropriate magnifying mirror per the clients 2nd biggest need for this space and gave her a new medicine cabinet.

I was able to find the perfect size remnant of St. Cecilia granite with under mount rectangular sink

The bathroom floor got a gorgeous makeover with this 12x24 creamy white tile. You would never guess it was only $5.89 a tile!
The Powder room was in major need also. The client specifically wanted all open space to be filled with storage. (Notice the pink 4x4 tiles)So I did as asked....
She wanted to make the powder room more modern, darker and more functional for her lack of storage. I got these gorgeous Warm cherry soft hinge cabinets from a local kitchen warehouse. As well as the beautiful Coral Brown Granite. She is still waiting on a mirror, but already what a transformation!
Very streamlined hardware

Beautiful Granite with specks of black, gray, gold and cream

Modern touches ( and a close up the true shade of gray)

No more pink tiles! We used the same 12x24 as the master
Every designer learns something with each project and boy did I learn a lot from this one!! We did go over budget I wasn't able to squeeze another penny for some decorative items and the client will be choosing her own art work and accessories as her budget allows but in the end it was a..I mean TWO major transformations! 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Knock off trendy lighting..

Ever see a gorgeous light and wonder how in the world they came up with that price tag?!? Well I'm still trying to figure that out myself! In the meantime I've found a few chandelier and pendent options that are great knock offs and just as nice. 

Can you tell the difference here?

Checkolite International 3-Light Hulton Specialty Pewter Chandelier $154.08

Corbett Lighting Argyle 4 Light Foyer Pendant $1300

Nothing a little Rustoleum gold spray paint can't handle!
Lowes $110

Jamie young $196
Home decorators  at Home Depot $69.97!

Those are just some of my favs!

Have a Greta weekend!

    Saturday, June 15, 2013

    Dark floors, light walls

    Whoa have I been busy! With so much going,  2 design projects and my own house in total disarray my blog has taken a back seat. Well friends I'm sharing some updates! 

    A while back I showed how taking the carpet off the stairs was going to not only save money but really make a huge impact on our house. Beware this project is NOT for the cleaning fanatic or impatient type (me). There has been dust everywhere, smells, sore arms,bengay and heating pads involved in this project! 

    Somehow I missed reading that line in all the blogs I read prior to this. But we are getting to the home stretch. My floors are done! Gorgeous Rustoleum Kona! 

    The pine treads stained beautifully dispute the argument. With the floor company and even the landing on my front set of stairs look amazing with just the 1st coat of poly.

    So now it's time for the walls. Going with the whole pale Greige craze will look amazing the buttery cream we have now is not bad but it's time to update the kitchen paint so might as well make it even all around. The whole open concept really forces to pick a neutral color and Benjamin Moore's Edgecomb Gray (middle)is the ticket! Although Revere Pewter(bottom) is the top choice these days it's just too purple looking in my walls. It's amazing how paint changes in every light. The top color was my mix of Edgecomb mixed with  25% white, but not enough depth for me!

    So light it is. Ill keep you posted on that reveal and pics to come soon from an amazing master and powder bath make over!

    Saturday, June 1, 2013

    Feeling like Florida

    After weeks of whining and complaining about how cold it is (yes I think 60 feels cold!) here in Virginia, the weather man has kicked it up a notch! 91 for the past 3 days!! Problem is that just last week it was 55, can a girl get a little in between here?!?

    With the humidity, and just after finishing up a sun room for a client, I am so ready for our annual Florida vacation. We've been going to the quiet but gorgeous golf of Mexico beaches in Sarasota, FL for about 10 years now. Just recently in the past few years the near by public beach of Siesta Key, FL has been #1 beach in America and people are flocking to the gorgeous white sand beach.

    Not only are the beaches gorgeous but I love Florida architecture. There is such a mix of modern and Mediterranean there that I get he best of both worlds!  Can't wait for our trip.

     I'm not kidding you, this is not a tropical island is Florida!

    Clean and Modern

    Mediterranean Beauty

     The Streets are filled with statues in famous St.Armands Circle

    The courtyard of the Ringling Museum of Art

    Wednesday, May 29, 2013

    Client sunroom reveal

    I've been working in this clients sunroom for a little while now and we are just about ready for reveal. She still has a few more accessories to go. But it's looking good so far!

    She's from New Orleans so the typical Florida room, or depending on your area, sunroom looks was not her thing. She has 10 year old twin boys, a teenage daughter, and a husband that drips coffee (everywhere according to her), and two puppies. White was out of the question!!

    I'm a huge fan of little pops of black, especially with kids! It's so much more stress free. We used a few of her existing pieces in order to stick within the budget and found some good knock off pieces as well. We are still waiting on the cherry bamboo blinds to come in for the bay window. As well as on the look out for the perfect bistro table. We mixed in some more French quarter accents in the kitchen and configured an awkward space in the kitchen to accommodate a more comfortable eat-in breakfast area with room for 6 total chairs.