Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Modern Nursery

Just after hosting my friends modern baby shower. This post from one of my favorite bloggers  the Hunted Interior came along. She is fabulous! You must check it out!!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Break from Design for a baby shower

BOY (no pun intended) I haven't posted in a while! I have been rather busy, with a few things. My sons baseball season under way, daughters gymnastics, and planning a friends baby shower. So not much design has been going on lately. Except prepping myself for 2 consultations this week!(yay)

But my ultra modern mom-to-be friend Yaztka wanted her baby shower to be just barely "baby" enough! So here's what I came up with for her little man.

She only shared the baby's first initial
Yummy Lemon and Carrot Cupcakes from Confections I couldn't resist the fondant booties
What's a shower without Mimosas right
Before food and iced Champagne

Too bad you can't see her killer heels in this pic
Her friend had these adorable cookies made

Congrats Yaztka, now I'm back to design next week!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Design ADD

Modern, transitional, eclectic.....ok traditional ....?!!!...Blue wall, no wait Orange is the new color..or was it emerald green......

Is this you? Do you have design ADD? With so many choices and gorgeous styles to enjoy its hard to stay focused on a design style that you want to actually use in your home.

Even picking a paint color can send your mind in a frenzy, notice each color changes the style of this room. I love my friend but she has been trying to decide on a wall color for almost a year now....

I'm sure this designer thought the transition between the two flooring options was unique but to me it's almost as if they couldn't decide..rustic or modern.

The transition from this kitchen flooring looks to harsh, almost from total modern to Pottery Barn casual, if the floors had a touch more color perhaps it would have a smoother transition.

The best thing, and some times the hardest thing, to do is just wait. Give yourself a time limit or it will turn into the wal of paint samples for 5 years. Two or three months should sufice. Start your folder of ideas and take a step back really think about what you like, what your lifestyle is and if that lifestyle will work with the things you like.

If its trends you like, then save that for accessories and maybe a few accent furniture pieces from places like Home Goods, Pier One, or outlet stores.

The reality of the gorgeous pages of Veranda and House Beautiful may be better off as visual pleasure. The last thing you want is to walk in a home of hodge podge design styles. (Not to be confused as Eclectic)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Paint your interiors doors black it when you find living proof of your ideas....

I've been begging my husband to let me paint the inside doors black or at least dark grey( my new fav). Not only does it look rich but it sure does stop my obsession with using the  Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on all my doors all the time from scuff marks and finger prints...! 

This post from fabulous designer at Design Indulgence may have sealed the deal. Not only is the grass cloth wallpaper my absolute must in our next dining room, but it really wouldn't pop without this painted door. Make sure to check out all her photos.

design indulgence: BEFORE AND AFTER OF THE FOYER

design indulgence: BEFORE AND AFTER OF THE FOYER

Design Indulgence before and after foyer

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

DIY upholstered nailhead trim headboard

I love anything nailhead! Obsessed would be the word. I've decided to take this Waverly fabric I got at Joann's and make my own nailhead head board for the guest room. I have to keep this room someone in the middle of design since more than likely I have my teenage cousin staying the night for babysitting or all the girl cousins for sleepovers with my daughter. ( the boys are not afraid of the basement and love sleeping down there!)

On occasion I have a few adult fiends that come to stay so the nail head helps to keep it modern and adult friendly.

This article from BHG Centsational Style is the perfect tutorial and easily explains it all.

 To make your own nailhead trim headboard, you’ll need a nailhead trim kit, a mallet, needle nose pliers, fabric of choice*, three layers of batting, ¾” plywood cut to size, jigsaw for curved designs, ‘D’ rings or interlocking brackets, and a staple gun. *A note regarding fabric: most are 54” in width, so with any headboard larger than a twin, choose any fabric with a pattern repeat that will work when you lay it horizontally on your plywood instead of vertically. For the width of your headboard, measure the width of your bed mattress and add an inch to both sides.

For a simple rectangle shape, have the plywood cut to the width and height you specify at your local home improvement store. If you want to add a curve or notch out the sides, that can be done with a jigsaw. The height of your plywood for a rectangular headboard should be at least 36” inches above the mattress so you allow for room to lay your pillow shams up against your frame, but also have it attached to your wall below the top of your mattress. For curved or detailed headboards, allow for 40 to 48” in height depending on your design. Sketch your design by hand, or create a template with paper to use as your guide.

 Once your plywood is cut to form the design, add three layers of quilt batting on top, and then your fabric of choice. Attach the layers of batting and fabric to the headboard with a stapler. Start at the top in the middle, and work your way around to the sides, smoothing the fabric as you go. With nailhead trim kits you secure the trim with every fifth nail with the help of pliers and a mallet. Use the needle nose pliers to stabilize the nail and the mallet to pound it into the wood. Use a mallet not a regular hammer to avoid damaging the nailhead. To make turns around the edges, clip the trim and restart, using the same method securing every fifth nail.

 Once you’re done, secure your new headboard to the wall studs using ‘D’ ring hooks or interlocking brackets as shown below.

 In an afternoon you can have an upholstered headboard with nailhead trim in your own custom design. Plywood will run you between $15 to $25 depending on your region, and the trim kits retail for $20. If you find quality fabric that you love for a reasonable price, a nailhead
trim headboard can be yours for between $50 to $100.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring Cleaning...(dreaming of Martha Stewart, living the real woman)

My inner Martha Stewart is calling today now that I can open the windows and not freeze! But the REAL me will probably only do a bout 2 or 3 things as far as cleaning goes. The rest of my day will be spent pinning ideas from Pinterest on how to actually do spring cleaning! (Jk!)

I did find a few helpful lists from Pinterest to help keep focused and on track for getting your home ready for open window season and a finding a few things to sell at the next spring yard sale!

Which one do you prefer...

This one is pretty thorough but not too overwhelming

I like how this one breaks down by rooms and is fairly simple

The techy's spring cleaning list!

The REAL spring cleaning list (empty, but has good intentions waiting)

Have a great weekend!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Guest room essentials

Now that the holidays are over and we have a few months to recoup. How well do you think your guests enjoyed their space? Did they ask you for a roll of toilet paper? Did you hear them tip toe down the stairs at 11:30 for a snack?

While staying with friends and family has it's ups, make sure your guest remember those points rather than the downs!

Here's a list of the most important things your guests will need to feel good, and thank you for your hospitality when they're gone.

  • Extra bedding/blankets 
  • 6 pillows (2 euro for sitting and watching tv and 4 for sleeping assuming you have a queen)
  • Toiletries including feminine products, all dental needs and hair products
  • Aspirin and tums (no one wants to say that the casserole you made upset their stomach!!)
  • Tissues and water next to the bed
  • Robe, towels, wash cloths
  • Luggage rack or ottoman 
  • Small snacks
  • Magazines
  • Fresh flowers
Bedroom inspirations from houzz