Monday, April 15, 2013

Design ADD

Modern, transitional, eclectic.....ok traditional ....?!!!...Blue wall, no wait Orange is the new color..or was it emerald green......

Is this you? Do you have design ADD? With so many choices and gorgeous styles to enjoy its hard to stay focused on a design style that you want to actually use in your home.

Even picking a paint color can send your mind in a frenzy, notice each color changes the style of this room. I love my friend but she has been trying to decide on a wall color for almost a year now....

I'm sure this designer thought the transition between the two flooring options was unique but to me it's almost as if they couldn't decide..rustic or modern.

The transition from this kitchen flooring looks to harsh, almost from total modern to Pottery Barn casual, if the floors had a touch more color perhaps it would have a smoother transition.

The best thing, and some times the hardest thing, to do is just wait. Give yourself a time limit or it will turn into the wal of paint samples for 5 years. Two or three months should sufice. Start your folder of ideas and take a step back really think about what you like, what your lifestyle is and if that lifestyle will work with the things you like.

If its trends you like, then save that for accessories and maybe a few accent furniture pieces from places like Home Goods, Pier One, or outlet stores.

The reality of the gorgeous pages of Veranda and House Beautiful may be better off as visual pleasure. The last thing you want is to walk in a home of hodge podge design styles. (Not to be confused as Eclectic)

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