Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring Cleaning...(dreaming of Martha Stewart, living the real woman)

My inner Martha Stewart is calling today now that I can open the windows and not freeze! But the REAL me will probably only do a bout 2 or 3 things as far as cleaning goes. The rest of my day will be spent pinning ideas from Pinterest on how to actually do spring cleaning! (Jk!)

I did find a few helpful lists from Pinterest to help keep focused and on track for getting your home ready for open window season and a finding a few things to sell at the next spring yard sale!

Which one do you prefer...

This one is pretty thorough but not too overwhelming

I like how this one breaks down by rooms and is fairly simple

The techy's spring cleaning list!

The REAL spring cleaning list (empty, but has good intentions waiting)

Have a great weekend!

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