Saturday, July 27, 2013

Client Reveal...two small bathrooms, one small budget

One thing that most of my clients like about me is that they know I can be quite frugal and resourceful! This project needed a lot of that. This project had an original budget of $5000...not bad you say but that was for 2!! She also wanted a full gut job with new cabinets, granite, lights, tile, get my drift.

Well it was definitely one of the toughest jobs I've done but managed to pull it off (yes I went over budget). We did have to increase the budget and the client was able to get good quality materials that will last another 20 years!

This was the Master Bath Vanity area notice the total lack of storage. Client specifically wanted drawers and full storage.

And the standard builder grade cream 4x4 tiles

Master Vanity After She wanted a very clean streamlined slightly modern look. I tripled her storage with this semi custom cabinet vanity from Home Depot. Replaced the light fixture with this $290 knock off of a George Kovac light for only $59. Kept the existing towel rod. Replaced the 1980's mirror wall with a more appropriate magnifying mirror per the clients 2nd biggest need for this space and gave her a new medicine cabinet.

I was able to find the perfect size remnant of St. Cecilia granite with under mount rectangular sink

The bathroom floor got a gorgeous makeover with this 12x24 creamy white tile. You would never guess it was only $5.89 a tile!
The Powder room was in major need also. The client specifically wanted all open space to be filled with storage. (Notice the pink 4x4 tiles)So I did as asked....
She wanted to make the powder room more modern, darker and more functional for her lack of storage. I got these gorgeous Warm cherry soft hinge cabinets from a local kitchen warehouse. As well as the beautiful Coral Brown Granite. She is still waiting on a mirror, but already what a transformation!
Very streamlined hardware

Beautiful Granite with specks of black, gray, gold and cream

Modern touches ( and a close up the true shade of gray)

No more pink tiles! We used the same 12x24 as the master
Every designer learns something with each project and boy did I learn a lot from this one!! We did go over budget I wasn't able to squeeze another penny for some decorative items and the client will be choosing her own art work and accessories as her budget allows but in the end it was a..I mean TWO major transformations! 

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  1. It's hard to work with a plan and spend more than your budget. Going over budget can deprive you of placing other accessories which are included in your initial plan. It's nice to know that you ended with two fantastic bathrooms and learned a new lesson. Keep sharing your renovation lessons since lots of your readers can benefit from it. :)