Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Client sunroom reveal

I've been working in this clients sunroom for a little while now and we are just about ready for reveal. She still has a few more accessories to go. But it's looking good so far!

She's from New Orleans so the typical Florida room, or depending on your area, sunroom looks was not her thing. She has 10 year old twin boys, a teenage daughter, and a husband that drips coffee (everywhere according to her), and two puppies. White was out of the question!!

I'm a huge fan of little pops of black, especially with kids! It's so much more stress free. We used a few of her existing pieces in order to stick within the budget and found some good knock off pieces as well. We are still waiting on the cherry bamboo blinds to come in for the bay window. As well as on the look out for the perfect bistro table. We mixed in some more French quarter accents in the kitchen and configured an awkward space in the kitchen to accommodate a more comfortable eat-in breakfast area with room for 6 total chairs.




  1. It's beautifully built and that's not lip service. I actually almost fell into concluding that it was done already if not for your statement. Where did you get the shabby chic bench? :) Ryann@Yancey

  2. Nice fix. It has a certain coffee shop feel to it, which is perfect since that’s what this room will be used for. How wonderful of you to consider your client’s routine, and integrate a design that best suits it. White is definitely out the question, especially since the room will used as a venue for messy coffee sessions. Danny at Integrity