Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Flowers...Faux or For Real....

A friend mine asked me about fake flowers. She does have quite a few around the house but feels like she doesn't have a green thumb at all. While many people out there have faux flowers in general I give it a thumbs down ....with a few exceptions! The reason is mostly because arrangements that are usually the most realistic are super expensive and so compact that they will be full of dust in no time!
Please DON'T

 I prefer to keep it as real as possible. Tulips do not bloom in December so why have that flower around? Stick to objects of nature that are around all the time such as branches, ( but not with lights on unless decorating for Halloween or Christmas, just like outside) moss balls, maybe even an aloe plant. The one exception I find is a GOOD quality orchid. Lets face it those beauties are finicky! They are around all year and work with every decor. Forsythia in spring is good too.


Besides treat your self to some beautiful grocery store flowers every now and then! Even celebs do it!

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