Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Choosing the right paint color to create your own model home

Think buying a new house with all those bone colored builder walls is easy and fun, get to Benjamin Moore and paint away... Think AGAIN and again, and maybe again!

There are so many designers that say start from the ground and work your way up. Or find a fabric for your drapes and lets pick a color from there. While both of those options work in their own way it's important to know that the gorgeous model home you walked through before you signed on the dotted line was well thought out and planned by usually a whole team of designers.

One key point that makes those houses look good, is that the same color scheme pretty much flows through out the entire house, usually with the exemption of kids rooms.  So whether or not you have collections of art or a hand knotted rug from India that you absolutely love and are bringing into your new home. look in your closet and see what colors you tend to wear.

Usually we all tend to wear the same tones in our clothes with a few accents here and there. We have shoes that will mix and match with several outfits and very few coats.

  • Think of your walls as the coats. 
  • Drapes as shoes 
  • Accessories as all those fun, bold, necklaces and earrings in your closet
So before you rush out and paint one room or one wall. Think about a long term plan for the whole house take a week or two to think it all out, then go for it!

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