Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ikat, chevron, trellis, to pull it together without looking like a mess!

I just came across from Susan West Cannon a great pictorial that shows right way to mix is all those patterns you like with out it looking, well you ordered one if every pattern and couldn't return a thing!

 Working with patterns can be tricky and easy to get wrong! But when you hit that perfect cord of patterns, you can really knock it out of the park. 

 Although the chartreuse ikat print is pretty, over using it in this bedroom space was not a great design choice. I’ve talked about using appropriate patterns and balancing all your prints, so I’d thought I’d break down both a HIT and a MISS!
Balancing Act, Patterns
                                                                    Sources: Pinterest

The same principles apply to any space: Choose patterns in different styles and sizes while staying in the same color palette.
These ideas can be easily translated to bedroom fabrics, bathroom decor, and window treatments. If you are looking for inspiration on how to design, check out my blog category: Design Inspiration.
You’ll especially love this series on Claiming Your Inspirational Style- perfect for DIY’ing a space that looks like an interior designer did it.
Perfect Pattern Balance
                                                                  Sources: Pinterest
This space utilizes 4 different patters, ranging from curvy patterns to geometric patterns. I love how the stripes and geometric patterns are the perfect compliment to the curvy table and lamp. I love balancing both feminine and masculine prints. Without those patterns, the banding on the bedding and the end table wouldn’t mesh as well. Using a navy to Monaco blue palette creates a more “designed” feel. Using these patterns within a deeper palette creates a less matchy-matchy look and more coordinated space.
I’d love to hear about your pattern HITS and MISSES! If I can be a sounding board for your projects, please comment below.


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