Sunday, March 2, 2014

DIY Sunburst Ceiling Medallion

We all come across blog posts and think "I am going to do that!" ...and then reality sets in! (At least for me anyways). But I have been eyeing this gorgeous ceiling fixture but just can't justify the 550$!!

Isn't this gorgeous Large Olive Leaf Chandelier

I still need to change the wall fixture to sconces and patch up the holes, sounds daunting just thinking
about it all. Plus we do plan on moving soon.

 Then it hit me, (in an email) this awesome trick from a blog lady I just love over at Simple Details.  I have seen the mirror she used and knew I wanted something similar.

So heres my rendition!
I must have walked past this at Target a million times

Original color is black with gold tips but I always have a can of  Rustoleum Metallic Gold

After a quick spray coat of gold, I hung this beauty up by the twist ties that came in the box where the recessed can supports are !! BAR-GAIN!!!!

I know I need to get one of those fancy cameras to really show off this beauty. I'm working on that soon! But for now I'm super thrilled!

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  1. Jennifer, I'm so glad you tried it!! I love your version with that mirror and how you used it over your can light, I would have never thought of that!! Thanks so much for the sweet shout-out, too!